The B marking

the Bergen Glassverk marked float

This is the B marking from Bergen Glasværk, established in 1875 in Flesland near Bergen. In 1927 it was closed down. In 1937 the company was reestablished as Flesland Nye Glassverk, and later it changed it's name to AS Flesland Glassverk. After a huge fire in 1956 the factory was permanently closed.

As to all other markings, I have an open mind, so if you do have other information to these markings, or to other possible markings from these factories, please take contact

One of the most common markings when it comes to Norwegian Glass Fishing Float markings is the plain B.

It seems there is little doubt about the fact this is a product of the Bergen Glassverk in Bergen, Norway.

I wish it was that simple! Because, there are different B markings too. One is the letter B alone, one is the same letter in a more oldfashioned style with a dot, and then it is the B.V.

The most modern type B(see the left picture over), I am almost sure it is Bergen Glassverk. When it comes to the more oldfashioned style it can also be Bergen, but then it also can be others, like Biri who had a large production of glass fishing floats. It can also be Bjørum glassfactory, but as far as I know the glass production workers used their own markings here, and therefore can have produced a lot of the uncommon glass float markings.

There also is a rather unknown glass factory, Berger, which produced glass from 1857 – 1875. But I do not know if they ever made glass fishing floats.

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