Attractions in Oslo

The most Famous and Popular

You will find many spectacular attractions in Oslo, and here we introduce you to some of the "must see's". Take a look.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace by Nancy Bundt and

The Royal Palace in Oslo is in the city centre, and easy accessable for anyone. Take a look at the Palace buildings, and we also recommend a nice walk in the park surrounding the Palace.

When you see the Royal Flag on the top of the building, then you know the King is present.

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Holmenkollen Ski Arena

Holmenkollen Ski Jump by Hagelund

Holmenkollen Ski Arena is one of the most famous ski arena's in the world, and probably the most visited of all attractions in Oslo.

In 2008, the work on reconstructing the Ski Arena was started, and now, in 2011, the work has been finished.

The beautiful Holmenkollen has become even more spectaculare, and is expected to attract more visitors than ever.

When visiting Holmenkollen you should also see the Ski Museum, which is the oldest ski museum in the world, presenting more than 4.000 years of skiing history.

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Akershus Fortress

Akershus Fortress by Nancy

Close to the fjord, and in the city centre, you find the Akershus Fortress.

This is a very popular place for both tourists as well as the inhabitants of Oslo. Beautiful surroundings on historic ground, and easy accessable.

The construction work was started around year 1300, and it's strategic location has been important for the defence of the city throughout centuries.

From May to the end of August there is guided tours to the Fortress, and the fortress-area is also excellent for a quiet walk by yourself. The Oslo Pass is giving you the guided tours for free.

The Fram Museum

The Fram Museum by Nancy Bundt

The Fram Museum is situated on Bygdøy peninsula, at a short distance from the city centre.

You can get there by bus, and during the summer, also by the small ferry from the dock by the City Hall.

When you are in Bygdøy, you are within walking distance from several other museums, like the Kon Tiki Museum and the Viking Ship Museum.

The Fram Museum welcomes you to go onboard the ship, to see for yourself how life could be on an expedition to the Arctic and Antarctic environments. Your Oslo Pass will give you free entrance.

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The National Gallery

National Gallery by Børre Hostland-National Gallery

The National Gallery has the largest collections of paintings and sculptures from Norwegian artists, and has also works by international artists.

The Museum's exhibition venues in Oslo are the the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, the Museum of Contemporary Art,the National Gallery and the National Museum of Architecture.

The Gallery is situated in the city centre, and is open most of the year.

Entrance is free of charge if you have the Oslo Pass

The Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum by Nancy Bundt

Just like the Fram Museum, the Viking Ship Museum is also situated in Bygdøy, Oslo.

Here you will find an amazing collection of findings from the Viking age, including some of the best preserved Viking Ships in the world.

In addition to the beautiful ships, you can also see old textiles, tools and houshold items.

The museum is open most of the year, from 10.00 to 16.00.


The Vigeland Sculpture Park

The Vigeland Park by Hagelund -

At a walking distance from the city centre is the Frognerparken, or Vigeland Sculpture Park.

A beautiful park of green lawns and trees,and an impressive collection of more than 200 amazing stone sculptures by the artist Gustav Vigeland.

A must see when visiting Oslo, and it's free entrance. The Museum part has free entrance from October to March.

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The Oslo Opera House

The Opera building by Bjørn Erik Ø

Speaking about attractions in Oslo: This is the newest one, and has already become one of the most popular.

The Norwegian Opera has seats for 2000 persons, costed more than $ 700 million when it was finished in 2008.

It is designed by the Norwegian architect company Snøhetta, and is beautiful situated at, and partly into the Oslo Fjord, in the city centre of Oslo.

More than 600 persons are working in this institution of opera and ballett performance.Do like thousand of others: Take a walk at the roof of the Opera Building, and enjoy the view over the fjord.

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