Attractions in Alesund

Let's give you some information about the attractions in Alesund, and hope you find pleasure in visiting them. The city of Ålesund is an attraction in itself, with it's amazing buildings.

Like most Norwegian towns and places, the greatest attractions is more the kind that nature has given us, but of course there are some human made too.

Let's start with the museums, and fill up as we go.

The Aalesund Museum

The Aalesund Museum is located in Rasmus Rønnebergsgt. 16, and is the museum of Ålesund city.

The museum is situated in the city centre, with view over the museum park and the harbour.

Here you can experience a small, local country store, showing how these looked a hundred years ago.

The museum also has exhibitions with theme from WW II, a city model showing Ålesund before the huge city fire in 1904, and you can learn about the building of a new city, that was made in the Art Noveau style.

The museum is one of the main attractions in Alesund, and is open all year. However, the museum has different opening days and -hours through the seasons.

From 16.06 until 20.08 the museum is open from 09:00 to 16:00 on Monday to Friday, 1:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays and from 12:00 to 16:00 on Sundays.

You can read more on the museums own homepage

The Fisheries Museum

In the Holmsbua, at Molovegen 10, you will find Aalesund Museums exhibitions of the fisheries.
Directly at the harbour you will find this old, warehouse from 1861, that amazingly survived the city fire in 1904.

Learn about the production of cod liver oil, barrel making, and lots of other interesting themes from the history of the fisheries.

Opening hours are (from 22.06 - 22.08.2012) from 11:00 to 16:00 on Monday to Saturday, and from 12:00 to 16:00 on Sundays.

Entrance fee is NOK 20,- for children, NOK 50,- for adults (from 16 years) and you can buy a Family ticket for NOK 100,-.

You can read more on the Aalesund Museum homepage

The KUBE Art Museum

When looking for attractions in Alesund, this is the museum for the ones of you that are interested in art, as well as architecture and design.

It is located in Apotekergt. 16, which is the former Norges Bank building, and close to the centre of Art Noveau.

Here you can find temporary exhibitions, showing paintings, drawings, video art and graphic art, just to mention some of them. The exhibitions are both showing regional, Norwegian and international art.

Entrance fee also include entrance to the Art Noveau centre, and costs NOK 35 for children and students, NOK 55 for Seniors, NOK 70 for adults or NOK 140 for a family ticket.

Learn more

The Art Noveau Centre

Like the KUBE Art museum, the Art Noveau Centre is located in Apotekergt. 16, and here you find the unique, architectural history of Ålesund and Art Noveau.

A beautiful museum in an outstanding building, shows the amazing history starting with the huge city fire in 1904, that burned to ashes most of the houses in the city (more than 800), and why the rebuilding was made in Art Noveau style.

The entrance fee also include entrance to the KUBE Art Museum, and costs NOK 35 for children and students, NOK 55 for Seniors, NOK 70 for adults or NOK 140 for a family ticket.

Opening hours are 10:00 to 17:00 on Monday to Sunday during the time 1. June - 31. August 2012, and 11:00 to 16:00 the rest of the year.

In the centre you will also find this little, charming cafe, the Apoteker'n Cafe, where you can relaxe, have some coffe and one of the delicious cakes.

Learn more on their website

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