The Atlantic Road


The Atlantic Road in Norway

The Atlantic Road, or Atlanterhavsveien which is the Norwegian name for it, is a part of the National Road RV 64, and the construction work started in August 1983.

This is far out by the ocean, and a rough weather area in the stormy season. From August 1983, until the road was finished in July 1989, there were as many as 12 hurricanes in the district!

You find this amazing road just south of Kristiansund , and as a passenger on the Hurtigruten on the southbound journey in the summer, you usually have the opportunity to go on a bus tour to experience it.

The road is impressing, both in sunny weather as well as in real stormy days. When having the chance to it, whether on a Hurtigruten voyage or on a cruiseship along the coast, you should go for a visit.

This page describes a trip on the Atlantic Road, and then a small visit to an old fishing community, the Sveggesundet in Averøy.

View from the Atlantic Road in NorwayNorwegian Atlantic Road

The Road is 5 miles long (8,3 km), build on several small islands, and with 8 bridges and several landfills.
With its open-sea-view, this spectaculare road soon became a very populare tourist attraction.

In 2005 the road was voted Norwegian Construction of the Century, and is now the second most visited scenic road after the Trollstigen.

To show you the difference in landscape, how it changes as you approach the outer coast, we start up a little more south.

We drove by car from Molde, and visited the small coastal community of Bud before we entered the Atlantic Road.

The Atlantic Road in Norway

The first of 8 bridges is in sight. As we drive towards north, the landscape is changing to a more typical coastal environment.

The trees are getting fewer and smaller, and we recognize signs on how the winters and heavy storms are shaping the landscape out here. I find this very beautiful, and in the summertime it is just a small paradise.

This road is very popular among tourists, and thousands are visiting Atlanterhavsveien every year.

Also the Hurtigruten , in the Norwegian Coastal Voyage is offering buscruises for their passengers, as an alternative between Kristiansund and Molde. As you can see, the road and the bridges fits natural into the landscape in a beautiful way.

The beautiful coastal road in Norway

No heavy traffic, and even if its not allowed, it is very popular to stand fishing on the many bridges.

In Norway you can do this fishing for free, and many tourists use this opportunity.

And there is a lot of fish to catch under these bridges, so close to the ocean.

Look at that beautiful shape of the road going into the bridge on top! The road is twisting around and between the many tiny islands, and to the right you can see the big ocean.

View from the Atlanterhavsvegen

Then we have passed the Atlantic Road, and just in the middle of the above picture you can see the sign telling us we are entering Averøy municipality.

Enjoy The Atlantic Road on YouTube


Sveggesundet near Kristiansund, Norway

As we are in the area, I will also show you another small coastal beauty:

This is Sveggesundet in Averøy. A small fishing community from the old days, and still there are many who make their living from fishing out here.

In the background you can see a freighter passing by, on its journey to the north. The same path as for the Coastal Express.

Also bigger fishing boats are to be found here, and Sveggesundet give some shelter for the winter storms.

In the old days the Sveggesundet had a huge production of Stockfisk, and was the harbour for lots of fishing boats during the winter season fishing.

From Sveggesundet we take a visit to Kristiansund.

Go from The Atlantic Road to visit Kristiansund

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