Åndalsnes - the Alp Town by the Fjord

Cruiseship in Åndalsnes, Norway (Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad)

Welcome to Andalsnes, this small town at the far end of the Romsdalsfjorden.  The trainstation here makes the end of the Raumabanen railway, that connects the town with Oslo. (Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad)

Åndalsnes is a very popular harbour for Norwegian cruises in the summer, and has some really amazing excursions for you during your stay. Just a few kilometers away is the famous Trollstigen road, and during the summer season there is a busconnection from Åndalsnes via Trollstigen to Geiranger, which also is a part of "The Golden Route".

Åndalsnes panorama view

Andalsnes, Norway - The Alp Town by the fjord

The town is also called the Alp City by the Fjord, and except for the fjord opening it is total surrounded by high and steep mountains. (Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad)

Åndalsnes, Norway

Andalsnes is the only railway station in Møre and Romsdal county, and you can go by bus to and from Ålesund from here.


Road and railroad along the Rauma river near Andalsnes (Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad

As mentioned before, the Åndalsnes railwaystation is at the end of the Raumabanen, which is a sidetrack of the Dovrebanen from Oslo to Trondheim and Bodø(Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad)

From Andalsnes you can also take the tourist train to Bjorli and back, often called the most beautiful railroad trip in the world. Extremely popular, also  by passengers on the cruiseships that is visiting the town.

Åndalsnes has busroutes to the cities Ålesund and Molde, which both has airports with flights to many domestic towns as well as to Europe. From these cities you can also go on a Hurtigruten Classic Cruise along the Norwegian coast.

Accomodation in Andalsnes

Grand Hotel in Andalsnes

If you want to stay for days or weeks in the Alp City there are several possibilities, from the beautiful Grand Hotel Bellevue (see photo) to the Åndalsnes Hostel (Åndalsnes Vandrerhjem) with it's very reasonable prices.

Grand Hotel Bellevue is in the centre of the town, while the hostel is situated 1.5 km outside the centre.  The hostel is normally open for guests from May 20. to September 1. and is very popular among people of all ages.

Street in Andalsnes, Norway

The town is small and nice, and it's easy to find beautiful views. There are a few streets and not so many shops, and everything is within walking distance. If you like something more challenging, ask for the shortest way up to the city view point. It's worth the trip!

You can read more about activities at the Trollveggen Camping website.

Andalsnes Norway, and the train crossing the Rauma river (Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad

Every year Åndalsnes has many cruise ships visiting, and for the passengers there are two main attractions: The Tourist Train to Bjorli, and the Trollstigen road. (Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad)

The train takes you on a beautiful tour along the Rauma river, and you will be impressed by the Romsdalen valley with it's steep mountain directly up from the narrow valley ground. Bjorli is the number one centre for winter sports to the whole region, and you return the same way you came, along bridges and waterfalls.

You can read more about Trollstigen in our Trollstigen page. It's just spectacular and impressive, and buses takes you through the hairpin curves to an amazing viewpoint.

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Åndalsnes is the only town in Rauma, and this is the Coat of Arms for the municipality, granted in 1983.

The coat of arms symbolizes 3 white mountains on a blue background. The mountains are Vengetindene, Trolltindene and the Romsdalshorn.

Andalsnes harbour area, Norway

Photos by
Leif Johnny Olestad

We have been so lucky to have access to some of the beautiful photos taken by Leif Johnny Olestad©, and here are some more.

Raumabanen train in Romsdalen by Andalsnes (Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad)