The Aasnæs marking

This is the marking of Aasnaes, or in Norwegian the Aasnæs Glassverk. Aasnæs Glasverk was established in Namdalseid in Nord-Trøndelag in 1813.

In the first years, about 40 persons were working in the factory.

In the beginning, the production was mainly glass for windows, then bottles of all kinds, and from the 1840's they produced large quantities of glass floats for the Fishermen.

The men was working two together, and the daily production of one team was about 100 of the 4" glass floats.

The Aasnæs Glasverk was operating from 1813 til 1883. It was the biggest glassfactory in the district , and probably the most important . At the most about 50 people was working at the factory, producing glass for windows, bottles, farmacy equipment and many exclusive and beautiful items for home.

I do not know how this is possible, but one of my collector friends has sent me this photo showing the marking AASTNÆS (with a T in it). Without doubt an Aasnæs production anyhow.

I have information that also AV was used as a marking for Aasnæs floats, but I am grateful to any information or corrections.

The mini-photo of the Aasnæs float is taken by Inger Marie Hanssen, another Norwegian collector of old glass fishing floats.

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