Whale Watching Cruises

A Norwegian Wild Life Adventure

Whales Photo: Camilla Ilmoni / Arctic Whale Tours
Whales Photo: Evert Mul / Arctic Whale Tours

Whale watching cruises has become extremely popular, and a day or two off the Hurtigruten can give you this adventure for life.

It is a fact that many tourists has spotted whale even from the deck of the Hurtigruten, but like any other business:

The professionals are the best.

It has to be said, a whale safari is no guarantie for seeing a whale, but in 95 - 99% of the whale safari tours you will see whales.

Let us present you to one of the professional companies when it comes to whale watching:

The Whale Safari Andenes.

Whale Safari Andenes

Whale watching ship M/S Reine

We have a great presentation of this whale watching company, so just click the images and it will take you to the actual page.

From the page you will find a direct link to the comany website where you can read a lot more, and even be able to order your cruises online.

Learn more about the Whale Safari Andenes

Whale watching cruises

More and more people are getting interested in the great arctic wildlife, and the Norwegian whale watching cruises is part of it.

Nothing beats the sight of an enormous whale breaking the surface of the ocean just a few meters away from you, and thousand that has attended these cruises has got memories for life.

In addition to the many whales in these areas, you can also watch lazy seals laying on the shores, or on a rock out in the ocean. Amazing!

These areas where the whale cruises are arranged are also known for the thousands and thousands of seabirds.

White tailed eagles, puffins, shags, seagulls, arctic terns, and so on.

Give yourself a lifetime experience in the arctic Norway, and get close to the wild environment and the amazing animals.

Go to the websites of the companies mentioned, and see how you can make your dream come through.

Hurtigruten ship M/S Nordlys

You might also be interested in finding out about how to combinate a cruise like this with a cruise on the Norwegian coastal express Hurtigruten.

You can read more about the Hurtigruten Classic Norwegian cruise on our page, and you will also find information about Norwegian Airlines that can get you closer to your goal.

Take your time, and make plans for it. Remember you can go on a whale cruise almost around the year, and going to the arctic in the winter you got to be prepared for it.

And, finally: Don't miss the possibility of a Midnight sun whale watching cruise!  In the winter season it can also be possible to experience the amazing Nordic Lights, or Aurora Borealis. You are in the Lofoten / Vesterålen region and it's powered by nature.

You can also go to the recommended website of Whale Safari Andenes to read more about it.

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