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Your Travel Guide to Norway

Once in their lifetime, everyone should go on a cruise to Norway. Norwegian cruises are unlike anything else and we think you will love it!

Experience the breathtaking scenery that nature has created.  See the midnight sun and feel the athmosphere of the summer nights in the landscape north of the Arctic Circle.  You will love Lofoten.

Learn about towns and places, and how the people are living their lives.

Norwegian Cruises is a down-to-earth personal website that is trying to give you the best insiders view of Norway, to increase the value of your visit.

Norwegian Images

Norwegian Images

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Norwegian Glaciers

Norwegian Glacier  (Photo: Ernst Furuhatt)

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Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

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Your Norwegian Memory

We strongly believe that a journey to Norway will be your memory for life.

Feel the greatness of nature when you see the Northern Light in the north of Norway, an experience that exceeds any imagination. And just for your information: The Northern Light is a phenomen that occurs during the winter time, and is not to be seen during summer.

But remember: You have to experience it to really believe it.

Top attractions


Cruiseships in Geiranger Photo: Tor Arne Grande


Trollstigen - Bus on bridge by waterfall Norway


Norwegian Glacier  - Photo: Wikimedia


Lofoten and the ferry to Bodo

We will show you the most popular tourist attractions in Norway. Personally I live close to the cities of Ålesund and Molde, and also very close to amazing Geiranger and the Trollstigen road. Because of that I will have a special focus on these attractions, often visited by tourists on Norwegian cruises.

We will also tell you about the Norwegian food, about Norwegian names,  about the household expences, the currency, and so much more that we think you might find interesting.

Whale Watching Cruises

Killer whales in Norway  watching ship. Photo: Jeremy Åsen / Arctic Whale Tours

We introduce you to the

Whale Cruises

When travelling around it is always a good idea to compare prices in order to find the very best offers. If you are looking for a place to stay, we recommend to look for hotels here to save money in an easy way.

Wherever you are going. Prepare for it. Check the climate and weather conditions, what to wear, health care, and whatever practical questions that will occure.

Never underestimate the need for a travel insurance. You never know if, or when you need it, but when preparing your vacation, this is a must.

Want to see a map of Norway? Here it is.

And remember: Most Norwegians are very familiar with the English language, and speak English fluently.

So make new friends!

Hurtigruten Classic Norwegian Cruises

MS Nordlys

Hurtigruten M/S Nordlys

MS Lofoten

Hurtigruten M/S Lofoten

MS Kong Harald

M/S Kong Harald Photo: Hurtigruten Archive

MS Trollfjord

Hurtigruten M/S Trollfjord

Nothing gets you as close to Norwegain coastal culture as a Classic Norwegian Cruise.  Do not forget to explore our Hurtigruten pages.

Why wait? Make your call to the Travel Agency today, or contact the Hurtigruten company for a cruise along the beautiful and unique coastline.

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