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A Travel Guide to Norway

Planning a cruise to Norway, or just want to visit Norway? Let's inspire you and introduce you to the best of My Norway.

This is an insiders personal view on how Norway can be like, and what there is to see and do.

Always remember: Going yourself is the the best way to experience it. If you choose to travel Norway otherwise than on a cruise, then we have useful information for you too.

Season: Christmas

Learn about Norwegian Christmas Traditions

Christmas Photo: Esten Borgos -

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My Norway - an introduction

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By the way:  Take a look at our collection of photos from Norway .....

Ålesund - the Jugend Town of Norway

The Norwegian people has awarded Alesund the title of "The most beautiful town in Norway". And it really is. This is an experience you must not miss. The unique Art nouveu style and the many canals dividing the city is amazing, and you will love walking around the streets of Ålesund.

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Åndalsnes - "the Alp Town by the Fjord"

Andalsnes, Norway - The Alp Town by the fjord

Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad©

We will also introduce you to some of what you need to know about:

  • harbours
  • attractions
  • excursions
  • activities
  • food
  • clothing

First of all: You are getting close to nature when on any Norwegian travel! The Norwegian climate can be challenging, and there might be several seasons experienced in one day. So prepare for it by bringing warm clothes and good shoes.


Ålesund, Norway


Molde Seilet Hotel


Statue in Kristiansund harbour

Most cruiseships sailing along the Norwegian coast during the summer months are visiting Ålesund and Geiranger. These are the most popular harbours to visit, and many cruise ships are also visiting Molde, Åndalsnes and Kristiansund. Beautiful places with breathtaking excursions available.





Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road

The western coast of Norway has so many beautiful places to show you, so we have to select just a few of them here. The 3 above are the most visited.

The Classic Norwegian Hurtigruten Cruise

Hurtigruten ship

Want a closer watch of Norway, and the Norwegian way of living?

Nothing gets you as close to genuine Norwegian coastal culture as a Classic Norwegian Cruise.  Do not forget to explore our Hurtigruten pages.

See the midnight sun and feel the athmosphere of the summer nights in the landscape north of the Arctic Circle.  A Classic Norwegian Cruise on a Hurtigruten ship is the best way to experience Norway and the fjords.  We recommend the book "Insights: Norway" for any traveller.

Read this article about Hurtigruten from CNN from January 2016.

Learn about popular Norwegian names, Norwegian food, the traditional "bunads" and the whale watching cruises. 

This is a down-to-earth personal website that is trying to give you the best insiders view of Norway, to increase the value of your visit.

We think that once in their lifetime, everyone should go on a cruise to Norway. Norwegian cruises are unlike anything else and you will love it!

Experience the breathtaking scenery that nature has created. 

We strongly believe that a journey to Norway will be your memory for life.

Sounds amazing?  You have to experience it to really believe it.

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When travelling around it is always a good idea to compare prices in order to find the very best offers. If you are looking for a place to stay, we recommend to look for hotel sites to save money in an easy way.

Wherever you are going. Prepare for it. Check the climate and weather conditions, what to wear, health care, and whatever practical questions that will occure.

Never underestimate the need for a travel insurance. You never know if, or when you need it, but when preparing your vacation, this is a must.

Want to see a map of Norway? Here it is.

And remember: Most Norwegians are very familiar with the English language, and speak English fluently.

So make new friends!

Norwegian Christmas Songs

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